Long before Serial, before podcasting was cool, a textiles professor was recording her course lectures and podcasting them to students who like to catch up on short sections of lectures at odd times. Several iterations later, TextileUpdate, the podcast, was born. The first podcast season is a rebroadcasting the podcast from 2012, but future seasons will take off in different directions. Season 2 contains entirely new recordings of the same essential content, made during the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown in Summer 2020.

All of the podcast is intended to provide a basic textiles education for people who do not have access in their current educational system, so pretty much the whole world!

Season 3 of the podcast will track with my Spring 2021 class at Texas State University but use all of the episodes from Season 2. Over the course of the entire spring (15 weeks), you will be exposed to essentially the entire subject of Textile Science.