The faculty in Fashion Merchandising and Consumer Affairs at Texas State University offer graduate courses in Merchandising and Consumer Studies (MCS) as part of both the MCS Masters program and for students in the Sustainability Studies interdisciplinary graduate program.

This Fall 2020 we will be offering:

MCS 5391. Seminar in Merchandising and Consumer Studies.

The course is an in-depth study of two or more topics or emerging issues of particular relevance to merchandising and consumer studies professionals. This course may be repeated once with a different emphasis.

The faculty leading this course will be Dr Gwendolyn Hustvedt, Professor of Textiles in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences, Dr. Yuli Liang, Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising and Mr. Sergio Bedford, Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising. They each have research expertise in various aspects of the Textile and Apparel Supply Chain that relate to sustainability.

  • Gwendolyn Hustvedt will be leading course sessions on Make and Mend.

The fashion product lifecycle has a tremendous impact on the global environment. One important way to reduce the impact of textile based fashion products is to design products that can be repaired, teach/learn mending and upcycling and build logistic systems that can support mending or sell upcycled products.

Gwendolyn Hustvedt
  • Yuli Liang will be leading course sessions on how Mass Customization and AI Technology can drive sustainable innovation in fashion brands.
  • Sergio Bedford will be leading sessions on the Circular Economy.

This weekly online course will feature synchronous and asynchronous sessions with discussion, presentation by guest experts and the opportunity to conduct individualized research on each of these topics.